Interactive online platform Time Slot Control contributes to the optimization of logistics processes


Transport documentation management system. Availability of documentation to all stakeholders. Automatic generation of CMR. Unlimited storage. Paperless solution.


Automatic creation of reports for the evaluation of key performance indicators. Power BI connectivity. Creation of customized reports

Transport Auction

Tender procedure for transport services.


Digital visitor logbook. Logging the arrival and departure of externs and visitors.

Automatic Gatehouse

Camera system for license plate recording in combination with automatic barrier. Automatic number plate identification. List of vehicles allowed and forbidden to enter the premises.


Recording weights before and after the vehicle clearance. Comparison of estimated and actual weights. Automatic inspection request when a weight difference is detected.

Self Check-in Terminal

Creation of a time slot reservation directly at the place of loading or unloading. Any assistance and communication with security is not needed.

Outdoor Info Panel

Displaying instructions for drivers and place where the vehicle will be loaded / unloaded.

Call to Gate

Managing the arrival of transport capacities to the gate. SMS or pager notifications.

Time Slot Management

Planning and managing the service of transport capacities at the place of loading or unloading. Real-time information transfer about the shipping process

Stack of Orders

Creating of time slot reservations from pre-made orders. Pre-made transport orders with the possibility of integration with the ERP system.

Slot monitor

Display of the current orders that will need to be loaded / unloaded in the warehouse area. Real-time transport status information.

Inbound Forecast

Forecast of goods receipt in terms of weight and volume.


Tracking of shipments with display of current location and location history. Notification of expected vehicle delay.

API Connectivity

Integration with the ERP system to maximize the flow of goods with the greatest efficiency.


Organizing of the flow of goods through your warehouses. Automatic creation of follow-up time slot reservations for unloading.

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The Time Slot Control cloud app is a ready-to-deploy solution


Reduction of operating costs by up to hundreds of thousands of crowns monthly thanks to properly settings of the shifts in the warehouse, savings in handling equipment, or thanks to savings in labor costs at the gatehouse.

Removal of the bottleneck of traffic in the form of reception or dispatch. In the case of using the reservation system, hauliers deliver their vehicles at a pre-agreed time and the work associated with the operation of transport capacities is optimally distributed over time.

Automation and digitization of area operation and planning. Thanks to the connection with internal information systems, additional data is available that does not need to be transcribed from paper documents to ERP, WMS and similar solutions. Data exchange takes place in real time.

Basic parameters

  • App in the Cloud available 24/7
  • Rapid deployment into business processes
  • Notification via e-mail, text messages
  • API connectivity enabling automatic exchange of information
  • Advanced reporting
  • Easy-to-monitor KPI
  • Intuitive operation

Possibilities for extension

  • Visualization of time slot reservations
  • Deployment of camera systems for reading vehicle license plates
  • Digital self-service kiosks for automation of transport capacity operations
  • External information LED panels for navigation and information transfer
  • Calling systems based on the principle of SMS, LED panels, pagers
  • Connection with automatic barriers
Unique pricing model

Unique pricing model

  • Sets transparent conditions
  • Does not burden the carrier with additional costs associated with the reservation of time slots
  • Increases the satisfaction of suppliers of transport capacities

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