Are you looking for leverage to carriers and forwarders? In Dura, they know how to do it.

We are the world's leading manufacturer of components for the automotive industry, especially door frames, reinforcements, sills, but also bases for dashboards. In the Czech Republic, we have production plants in Strakonice, Blatná and Kopřivnice

The biggest challenge we had to face was the arrival of trucks at the same time. For example, carriers delivered 20 trucks at once. That happened without prior arrangement. Such situations caused traffic jams in the compound and the surrounding area. Equally crucial was the uneven load on personnel capacities in reception, dispatch and production. We also experienced difficulties associated with the planning and use of warehouse space.

Thanks to the quick deployment of the Time Slot Control application, we noticed an immediate change in the situation for the better. Thanks to the smooth and planned arrival of carriers, operators can prepare in advance for the receipt of material and the dispatch of products. The entire process of handling carriers has been shortened, it is transparent and less demanding on the staff. Now we are able to quantify the savings in operating costs, which are in the tens of thousands of Czech crowns per month.

Using the Time Slot Control application, we have eliminated traffic complications in the premises and the surrounding area. We have minimized the need for overtime working. We now make optimum use of the storage areas intended for receiving and handling goods. We have significantly improved the availability of information for warehouse staff.

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