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26. 08. 2022

No more SW contractual relations with carriers

It is common for carriers to work with the software tools of the transport shipper. This includes uploading documents, filling in the transport forms, booking time slots for loading or unloading, etc. Speed is a great advantage of digital information exchange for all stakeholders. Creating a time slot is a matter of a few process steps and the carrier is assured of a quick handling without waiting. Everyone appreciates the elimination of waiting for physical delivery of documents, when invoicing. 

However, digital communication has its inconveniences for carriers. They have to contract with their customers' software solution providers and transcribe data into more than one reservation system.

The Time Slot Control application enables the simple registration for carriers. The application's user-friendly environment is set up to make all operations quick and easy. Registering a carrier in the application does not arise a contractual relationship between the Time Slot Control provider and the carrier.

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