Timeslotcontrol nově již využívá nespočet společností v Mexiku
19. 07. 2022

We present Time Slot Control City

Time Slot Control helps to manage the traffic situation in the plant and provides smooth clearance of transport capacities transparently and without wasting time. 

Time Slot Control has undergone a huge expansion in recent years. The application for time slot reservations has been expanded into a yard management unique solution.

Time Slot Control cloud solution brings transparent, digital, and automated real-time information flow, which is a key aspect for a successful business, from which all planning, analysis and implementation of cost savings are based. Our customers and their suppliers of transport capacities are informed across the entire organizational structure.

You can fully automate management of your logistics processes by integrating Time Slot Control with your internal system. All process steps are recorded and data flows bi-directionally between your internal system and the Time Slot Control application so that everyone receives the relevant information at the right time.

The whole process starts with making an online request for loading or unloading by the transport provider. The dispatcher either forwards it or confirms it. Once the vehicle arrives the plant, the system automatically records the license plate number and the time of arrival. Time Slot Control transmits information about the arrival and the outdoor information panel, located at the entrance to the plant, informs the driver, where the vehicle will be serviced, or which parking area to use. The start and end of the loading or unloading process are recorded as well. The time of departure is again recorded by a special camera that controls the automatic barrier. Later, the carrier can confirm that the shipment has been delivered.

All participants can be notified of any change of the time slot reservation in real time.

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