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28. 06. 2022

Time Slot Control helps to logistics students

Students of the Secondary Vocational School of Nové Město na Moravě can be proud of having achieved many successes. The study program Logistics in Transport is becoming very popular. Labor shortage is one of the reasons that companies are interested in graduates in the field of Logistic. Careers in logistic are well paid and wide rewarding, so many students decide to further their studies at the university to build their skills, expand their knowledge. Students are trained in logistic softwares during their studies to be prepared as best as possible for their future jobs. This study program is extended for workshops and excursions in companies where they are learning to use logistic applications alongside experts.

The article below describes this year's success by teacher of Logistics Mgr. Markéta Kozlova and Sales Director Michal Vaniš

Our school has started to cooperate with Time Slot Control. The company has provided us with a free online application for students of Logistics in Transport. The students are learning how to work with this logistic application and getting experience. We are creating various simulations of a real work environment in a logistics company and using this app to complete working tasks. Students also obtain the certificate after the workshop completion that increases their chances on the labor market. (Mgr. Markéta Kozlova, teacher of Logistics)

The Czech labor market currently offers thousands free job positions in the field of logistic. Supporting students by logistics companies is a key factor to reach the smooth operation of the supply chain. (Michal Vaniš, Sales Director)

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