Efficient dispatching in Electropoli Třemošnice thanks to Time Slot Control.

Electropoli Czech Republic, a member of Electropoli Group based in France. European leader in surface treatment. It focuses mainly on chemical surface treatment, hot-dip galvanizing, industrial painting and galvanic surface treatment. Logistics operations precede or directly follow up on all activities of the company.

Our logistics department had several challenges to deal with. Elimination of spontaneous arrivals of carriers in the afternoon. Optimal distribution of capacities throughout the working day. Simplifying the transfer of information across the corporate structure. Creation of analytics associated with receiving and dispatching of goods.

We can see positive changes after deploying the Time Slot Control application. Reduction of personnel demands for truck clearance due to the smooth carrier arrivals. We have even managed to reduce the expenses spent on running the warehouse. Thanks to easy access to the app, all relevant colleagues have real-time access to important information. We have a comprehensive analysis of operations related to the transport handling, including information on the long-term reliability of carriers.

We have achieved the elimination of the "bottleneck" effect in the premises. Carriers are checked in in a much shorter time and time slot reservations does not burden them with additional costs. The benefit of information availability helps us to further improve processes.

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